Chrysler Radio Codes: What They Are and How to Retrieve and Reset Them

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Chrysler Radio Codes: What They Are and How to Retrieve and Reset Them


Chrysler vehicles often come equipped with anti-theft security measures integrated into their radio systems. These security features can sometimes require a radio code to be entered when the radio is disconnected or the vehicle’s battery is replaced. This article explores what Chrysler radio codes are, how to retrieve them, reset the radio, and effectively use them to restore functionality to your vehicle’s radio system.

What is a Chrysler Radio Code?

A Chrysler radio code is a security feature designed to prevent unauthorized use of the vehicle’s radio if it is removed or disconnected from the vehicle’s power source, such as during battery replacement or repairs. When the radio loses power, it may display “CODE” or “Enter Code” on the display screen, indicating that a security code must be entered to unlock the radio and restore its functionality.

How to Retrieve Your Chrysler Radio Code

1. Owner’s Manual:
The radio code may be written in the owner’s manual provided with the vehicle. Look for a card or sticker containing the code, often found in the manual’s documentation or paperwork.

2. Radio Code Card:
Some Chrysler vehicles come with a separate radio code card that provides the security code needed to unlock the radio. This card is typically included in the vehicle’s paperwork when purchased new.

3. Online Database:
Chrysler and authorized dealers may keep records of radio codes associated with specific vehicle VIN numbers. You can contact your local Chrysler dealership’s service department or visit their website to retrieve the code using your VIN and proof of ownership.

4. Radio Display:
If previous methods are not available, the radio display itself may prompt for the code. You will need to retrieve the serial number of the radio (by pressing certain buttons or using specific procedures) and then contact a dealer for assistance in retrieving the code.

Resetting Your Chrysler Radio with the Code

1. Enter the Code:
Once you have retrieved the radio code, turn on the ignition (but not the engine) to power up the radio. The display should prompt “CODE” or “Enter Code.”

2. Input the Code:
Use the radio preset buttons to input the security code. Each number corresponds to a preset button (e.g., the first digit of the code is entered using preset button 1, the second digit using preset button 2, and so on).

3. Finalize the Entry:
After entering the correct code, press the “Enter” or “OK” button on the radio. If entered correctly, the radio should unlock, and normal radio functions should resume.

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Tips for Using Chrysler Radio Codes

  • Keep the Code Handy:
    Store the radio code in a safe place for future reference, such as your smartphone, digital notes, or with your vehicle’s paperwork.

  • Avoid Unauthorized Access:
    Do not share your radio code publicly or with unauthorized individuals to prevent misuse or unauthorized access to your vehicle’s radio system.

  • Update After Repairs:
    If the radio or vehicle battery is replaced or disconnected during repairs, you may need to re-enter the radio code to restore functionality.


Chrysler radio codes are essential security features designed to protect the vehicle’s radio system from unauthorized access. By retrieving and correctly entering the radio code using the methods outlined above, you can restore normal radio operation and enjoy your Chrysler vehicle’s audio system without interruptions. Remember to keep your radio code secure and accessible for future reference, ensuring smooth operation and peace of mind when using your vehicle’s radio.

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